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In addition to my main field of specialization, real estate law, I also deal with labor and criminal law matters. Further details:

Real estate law

  • Collection by litigation
  • Trespassing matters
  • Preparation, amendment and countersignature of rules of organization and operation, complete administration
  • Preparation and amendment of deeds of foundation, complete administration
  • Revocation of general meeting decisions
  • Representation in legal proceedings related to condominiums
  • Legal counseling in condominium matters
  • Preparation of other documents
    Other real estate matters:
  • Preparation and countersignature of real estate sale and purchase agreements, complete administration of land office matters
  • Preparation and countersignature of donation agreements
  • Establishment of rights of usufruct and countersigning related agreements
  • Preparation of lease contracts
  • Representation in legal disputes related to real estate
  • Issues of prescriptions
  • Issues from the field of common ownerships
  • Preparation of other documents

Labor matters

  • Preparation and review of labor contracts
  • Preparation and review of dismissal notices
  • Preparation and review of other labor law documents
  • Legal representation in labor mattersn
  • Legal counseling

Criminal matters

  • Legal representation and consultation in criminal cases related to business and property