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Welcome, Dear Visitor!

attorney-at-law, Budapest

First of all, let me briefly introduce myself: I am a graduate of the Faculty of Law, Eötvös Lóránd University, where I had excellent teachers such as Róbert Brósz and Lajos Vékás. After graduating, I worked at a commercial bank, at Richter Gedeon Vegyészeti Rt, a pharmaceutical company, and then at a non-profit company as legal counsel. Also, I have been a guest lecturer at the College for Finance and Accounting, and obtained work experience at an international law firm. Since 2004, I have been working as a self-employed attorney at an independent law firm.

I look forward of being at service to you in the near future!

Main areas of activity

My main activities include the resolution of legal problems related to condominiums, the preparation of real estate sale and purchase agreements and lease contracts and rules of organization and operation, legal consultation related to condominium matters and meetings. Also, I undertake labor law and criminal law cases. Please refer to the Services menu for further information about my services.

Social functions

I am a member of the Censorial Body of the Legal Specialist Examination Board, the Hungarian Penal Society and the EU Penalnet network. I regularly appeared as a legal specialist in condominium matters in the "Család-barát" (Pro-Family) service magazine program and "Complaint-book" program on Hungarian Televisions, and publish articles each month in periodical "Piac és Profit" (Market and Profit). Under the Media menu, you can find a few samples of my appearances in the media and my published articles.